I Need you Now!

I need you now!

There is a popular song out now by a group named Annibellum, I think that is how it’s spelled, anway, they have a song titled “I need you now”.  It speaks of a person, that at 1:15 am and after a few drinks, has decided that the person they told good bye, really was the person they wanted to be with.

It is my prayer that I never have to regret telling God goodbye.  I can’t imagine a time that I would tell Him goodbye or exclude Him from my life.  But, a lot of people have done just that.  Over the last 50 years, the United States of America has pulled further and further back from the hand clasp of God.  The silent majority as set back and let it happen.  I remeber thinking politics was much too dirty of a word for good a Christian to get involved with.  Well, looks like I was right, because now, all the Christians are on the side lines and all the folks that are willing to sell or rent their convictions to the highest bidder are now in politics!

God, our country needs You now….I need you now!


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